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Scheduling Your Appointment

Please call the office at 630-851-8400 to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions about our services.

Office hours are 8:00 am-6:00 pm Monday thru Friday and 8:00 am-12:00 pm Saturdays.

Our availability can fluctuate throughout the year, our availability can range from next day to 10 days out during the busy seasons which are typically spring and fall.


Fox Valley Carpet Cleaning current pricing

We use a simple pricing system. We do however have a minimum of $80 for most areas.

  • 1 room     - $50
  • 2 rooms   - $100
  • 3 rooms   - $140
  • 4 rooms   - $180
  • 5 rooms   - $220
  • 6 rooms   - $260
  • 7 rooms   - $300
  • 8 rooms   - $330
  • 9 rooms   - $360
  • 10 rooms - $390

Basically, we charge approximately $40 per room. We also consider staircases with small landings and up 12-16 stairs as 1 room at $40, additional stairs are $2 each:

• Rooms are areas 250 sq feet or under (approximately up to 15x17 room)
• Living room/dining room combinations are considered 2 rooms.
• Normal preconditioning, prespotting and light deodorizing are included in pricing.
• We offer sanitizing/deodorizing with enzymes for $19 per room/area.
• We also offer Magic Wand Spotguard with Dupont Teflon protectant for $19 per room.


Fox Valley Carpet Cleaning current upholstery cleaning prices:*

  • Sofa             - $75
  • Loveseat      - $65
  • Recliner        - $45
  • Wingback Chair - $34
  • Stuffed Chair - $45
  • X-Large Stuffed Chair - $49
  • Ottomans - $12 - $20
  • Sectional pieces:
    • Per Seat - $25 per seat
    • Chaise Lounge - $45
    • Corner Section - $40
    • Armless Sofa - $65

*Includes pre-conditioning w/furniture pre-spray deodorizer and normal spot treatments.


Additional services offered.

Pet stain services:

We carry specifically formulated spotters which are designed to loosen and remove pet spots. The technician will give special attention to these areas, and in most cases the spots will be completely removed. But in some instances the spot may have permanently discolored the carpet fibers. In these cases the carpet may need to be repaired or replaced.

Pet stain services are on a case-by-case basis based on condition & severity of furniture, so estimates cannot be given until the problem is seen.

Pet odor services:

For more severe conditions we offer two options for pet odor problems.

  1. For light animal odors we offer simple deodorizing which leaves the carpet with a fresh lemon or vanilla scent.
  2. For more severs odors associated with urine, feces, and vomit. We offer a sanitizing deodorizer which utilizes safe enzymes which eat the bacteria that are causing the odors associated with the urine, feces, and vomit.
    These enzymes can also be injected into the carpet backing and padding using a carpet syringe.

Pet odor and stain removal services are offered by our technicians when they think it will be beneficial for the customer. We will perform these services to the best of our ability. Due to varying factors including lack of maintenance cleanings, incorrect cleanings by homeowners, lack of proper carpet protection, and severity of the problem, complete odor and/or stain removal can not be guaranteed!

There may be additional charges for these services listed above.

How to prepare for cleaning day

A few easy steps for the customer to do before we arrive will make for a more thorough and efficient cleaning process.

  • Please have a space in the driveway closest to the door available so our vehicle and crew have a safe and easy access to the entrance of the home.
  • Please have the areas we are scheduled to clean freshly vacuumed before we arrive.
  • Remove as many small objects from the carpeted areas as possible so the crew can clean and move throughout the house as efficiently as possible.
  • We will need to keep the entrance door ajar a few inches for the hoses to enter the house. Please keep cats and dogs contained to keep them from leaving the house during the cleaning.
  • Please keep everyone away from the hoses and cleaning equipment during our visit.


Furniture Moving

Our technicians will only move certain items in your home that can be safely moved and weigh under 50lbs, like sofas, chairs, tables and other similar furniture. All items moved are at the discretion of the technician and Fox Valley Carpet Cleaning.We also request that you do not try and move furniture during our cleaning process, if you wish to move furniture out of the carpeted areas please due so before we arrive,  furniture can be placed back into room after carpet is dry. Our technicians will carefully clean around the larger furniture that will not be moved and in some cases can clean under these pieces if possible.

Pieces that will not be moved

  • Beds
  • Dressers
  • Entertainment centers
  • Computers
  • House plants
  • Sectional sofas that are attached
  • Glass objects, mirrors, antiques, fragile items.
  • Televisions
  • SpeakersAll toys, and Knick Knacks should be picked up and out of the way.


What to expect upon our arrival

Please walk our technicians through the house and explain any areas of concern you may have. At this time show our techs any specific spots or stains you have so we can prepare for the best method to try and remove them from the carpet.

After the walkthrough of the home, our techs will start setting up for the cleaning, we will start to clean at the furthest point in the home from the access door.

The technician will first set up the solution(small hose), then extraction(large hose), then bring in the cleaning tools and possibly sprayers and spot removers to treat spots and stains.After setting up the technicians will take care of the cleaning and you are free to relax, the cleaning will be done before you know it The cleaning machine itself is very large and stays mounted inside the van, it is impressive and is available for viewing during the cleaning process, however please keep at least 5 feet away from van and watch for hoses while walking around or near the equipment.
During and after the cleaning the carpet will be damp, please take extreme caution walking from damp carpet to hard surfaces , it will be very slippery!!!!


Payment Methods

We expect payment at time services are rendered, we are currently accepting cash or checks. We will be accepting credit cards soon.


After The Cleaning

After the cleaning your carpet will take between 4-8 hours to dry, in some cases where the carpet was very dirty and had to be pretreated and cleaned a few times it may take longer. Also the temperature and humidity may affect drying times. Try to avoid walking on carpet when it is wet, it is much easier to transfer dirt onto wet carpet than dry carpet.

If you must walk on the carpet before it is dry, it is best to wear clean white socks or house shoes with non marking soles. Leather slippers may transfer color to wet carpet.

The technicians will make every attempt to remove spots and stains from carpet, however some stains may be permanent.

After the technician moves furniture he will place foam blocks or plastic cards under wood or metal legs to keep from staining carpet with rust or wood stain. Please leave these protectors in place until carpet is completely dry under tabs 24-48 hours.
Also please do not place any furniture back into room until carpet is dry.To help drying process, keep windows closed and heat on in winter, keep windows open when temp and humidity are low in spring and summer and keep A/C on when hot in summer. Running ceiling or portable fans will expedite the drying process.

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Who doesn't love a good deal?

Click the button below to view our most recent coupons. We update our coupons regularly with seasonal specials and offers.