Hydro-Force Hoser Vacuum Hose Cleaning Tool (AH111)

Are our competitors using dirty, dingy hoses? After all, clean hoses help avoid cross contamination! The Hoser vacuum hose cleaning tool removes all that dirty buildup on our hoses.

We have purchased Hydro-Force Hoser Vacuum Hose Cleaning Tool (AH111) to clean our hoses to inhibit cross contamination between homes to help ensure the safety of our customers and employees and their families.

The Hoser starts its job by hooking up to a solution and vacuum hose, then pulls the hose through the hoser, attaching it to the reel. While holding the Hoser in one hand and move the reel with the other allows the oscillating action to do all the hard work.

We can even adjust the reel speed to move at a slower rate for the hard-to-remove dirt. This handy tool protects our image and makes it easier to do our job than ever before. The Hoser has proven invaluable to contractors dealing with everything from residential water damage to post-category 2 or 3 flood damage.