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Carpet Cleaning Tips

How to Create Happy and Healthy Homes for the Holidays!

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Services after the Holidays! A clean house can do so much for your mood. It isn’t uncommon for houses to become total messes after the hectic holiday season. People barely have time to clean after Christmas and New Year’s. If you want to get a fresh start in January, then you need to prioritize…

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Clean and Odor-free Home for the Holiday Season

Want to have a Clean and Odor-free Home for the Holiday Season? If the holidays are keeping you too busy to clean your house, then you can contact Fox Valley Carpet Cleaning Inc., in Naperville, Ill. You may not notice how stained and dirty your home’s carpets are until you turn on all of the…

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When to Hire Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Services?

When to Hire Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Services? It can feel great to live in a home that’s the dictionary definition of hygienic and neat. If you want your residential space to fit that description well, you have to put time into cleaning responsibilities. It’s OK if your schedule doesn’t allow for it, simply because…

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Have Your Home’s Carpets Cleaned to Eliminate Dirt

When you have children who play dirty sports, they will carry in a lot of dirt on their athletic shoes, leading to filthy carpets in your home. You don’t need to stop your children from playing sports because it is possible to call a professional carpet cleaning company that offers services in Naperville and Aurora,…

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Here are 6 Steps to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning Day

Preparing for carpet cleaning day shouldn’t be hard. Taking a few steps to get your home ready will help you get the most from your carpet cleaning. Follow these simple steps to get ready for the big day! Step 1: Parking: Our equipment is truck mounted, and we need to be as close to an…

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